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Eureka! Apex  (2 Person Tent)

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The Eureka Apex tent has been a pretty solid tent and I've been pretty happy with it.  I picked it up about a year ago on a spontaneous buy when we were up at Pisgah and ol' Craig Patton decided to up and forget his tent poles for his REI tent.  Great.  Finding myself in need of a tent anyway, I crash landed in the hiking store at the bottom of 276 in Brevard, NC to find the only tent offering they had in the Eureka! Apex.

Snapping it up for a cool $99 on sale, off we go to the Shining Rock wilderness to give it a shot.  This tent clocks in right at 6 pounds, which for a 2 person tent is a bit on the heavy side, but again, being in need and limited on options, I went with it.

The side vestibules and extra ventilation are very welcome additions, and provide for a great place to stash shoes, backpacks where they can be sheltered from rain and dew.  While the vestibules aren't that big, they will keep some small items relatively dry.  The poles are fiberglass, which is my primary beef, having compared this tent to some of the REI models in weight and have found those to be preferable.

This tent has suffered snow and all night downpours and after one year I'm still pretty happy with it.  There are however some seams, right at where the side doors zip down that leak, and I made the unwise decision of placing those on the uphill side.

So, while at Panthertown Valley in a heavy 3AM downpour, those seams started leaking and running up under the sleeping bags...nice.  Freaking Great..  Alternatives being, get out in a full on torrential rainstorm and spin the tent?  Think not.  Note to self.  Always place those zippers on the downhill side.

Now, to the Eureka's credit, they do say in the manual, that it is important to seal the seams with a sealant, something, of course, I didn't do before I needed it.

Other than those points, the heaviness of the poles, and the seam issue, which I feel should have been solved at the factory considering Rudy's half-dome 2 from REI didn't leak one iota during that very wet evening, I'm pretty happy with it, though I'll probably be in the market for a slight step up soon.

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Eureka! Apex (2 Person Tent) 2011-10-27 22:25:11 Shane Lewis
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Reviewed by Shane Lewis    October 27, 2011
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Eureka! Apex Tent


Good Points
Nice design, airflow, vestibules, ease of assembly
Bad Points
Seams, Fiberglass poles, weight
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