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WindowFanz NC State Car Helmet Review

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Here up for review today is the WindowFanz Car helmet for NC State.  While this is a tad off base from our normal reviews, we're such fans of NC State, we just couldn't help ourselves.  The helmet is made entirely of polycarbonate and is rather durable, and is designed to fit over the car window or be installed onto the back glass..


In our testing, we found that the helmet was absolutely silent, without any kind of vibration or otherwise.  As a matter of fact you pretty much forget it's there.  The quality of the engineering is impeccable and reflects every detail of the real football helmet, minus the chin straps of course.  The quality of the art is also quite good. 

What's most interesting about the WindowFanz line of product is that it replaces the flags or adds to the flags that you can put on your car, which is perfect for tailgating and riding to the game. 

Where this product sets itself apart is the strap that allows you to lower the window for air when you're riding down the highway.  Just try that with the flags, and they fly off the car and land somewhere on the side of the road.

Additionally, we enjoyed the absence of the flapping and fluttering present with the flags, that prevent you from even having a normal volume conversation in the car. 

Beyond this, it's a unique piece, compared to the flags which are kind of getting a bit tired.

Our one criticism is that, obviously you can't lower the window all the way down, or there is nothing for the helmet to grab hold of, and it will fall off the car at that point.  As long as you don't lower all the way down, it really isn't an issue.  Additionally, in the two weeks we've been driving it around, it hasn't budged even a hair.

We give this 4.5 out of 5 stars for the fact that if you forget, and auto lower your window it could pop free.  But then that's no different from the flags which will be instantly gone.  If you're looking for a fresh new product to show off with, this is the newest thing.  We haven't seen any on the road yet, and we got a number of stares from other fans.  It just feels cool.  Windowfanz additionally has new teams coming out all the time so go check it out.  At $29, considering the quality of the construction and it's durability, it's a pretty good value.

It may not have a very high big nuts factor, but it sure is cool.

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WindowFanz NC State Car Helmet Review 2012-09-19 23:58:04 Shane Lewis
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Reviewed by Shane Lewis    September 19, 2012
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Cool product for tailgating if you like that kind of thing.


Good Points
Strong durable polycarbonate construction, can lower the window with it attached, no noise like the flags, no risk of loss if you lower your window partially. Cool Unique design
Bad Points
If you lower it all the way, you might lose it.
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