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Black Mountains Tour

No foray into Appalachia should overlook the opportunity to scale the highest peak east of the Mississippi.  Here we have Mt. Mitchell, situated in the Black Mountain range in Western North Carolina.  Known for the Spruce trees which grow in the last couple of thousand feet nearing the summits of the multiple peaks in this range, the spruce give the mountains a rather blackish color as compared to surrounding mountains.  The color, from which the range is named, can be seen in satellite maps and even by driving by from a distance. 


Mt. Mitchell

No Eastern US hiking itinerary would be complete without a visit to Mt. Mitchell, NC. Mt. Mitchell is the highest of a chain of mountains called the Black Mountains, located just northwest of Asheville, NC. At 6684 ft. Mt. Mitchell is the highest peak in the US, east of the Mississippi river. When Andre Michaux and Elisha Mitchell explored the Black Mountains in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, they documented forests with an extraordinary variety of plant species. Red spruce covered the upper slopes, and Fraser fir dominated the peaks above 6,000 feet. Hardwood forests, including majestic stands of American chestnut, oaks, and hickories, populated the slopes below 5,000 feet, and rhododendron thickets cloaked forest streams. There literally is nowhere...

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