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Altamaha Gordonia

In all honestly this really doesn't deserve to be on bnoutdoors as there was nothing extreme about it, nor is there any lick of hiking short of walking around a lake, but it was interesting enough in terms of biodiversity to throw up here, as we collectively share interest in nature.  Altamaha Gordonia receives its name from the swampy Altamaha river adjacent, and the rare Gordonia tree, either once previously or currently located near here.  I stopped over here on the weekend to have a quick place to stay on the way to visit my sister over in Hinesville, GA at Ft. Stewart.  My son and I went and decided to spend the night here in the tent, and it was notable in my memory, as the first spanish moss filled,  swamp camping I've ever done, though, guaranteed not to be my last as I deeply desire to have the Altamaha River basin actual, and the Okeefenokee swamp on the list.  Big nuts tilt will definitely get raised sleeping with wild gators in the area.

Appalachian Trail:  Bluemont, VA (Snickers Gap) > Linden, VA

4 day 3 night solo winter expedition on the Appalachian Trail in Northern Virginia

Arabia & Bradley Mountain

I've been looking for Arabia mountain for quite a long time.  When I started my flying career back at 15 years old, I happened to fly across a dome of rock that looked curiously like the famous Stone Mountain in east Atlanta.  This rock, looked rather large and I managed to spot it now and again from the air, usually from the passenger seat of a Delta airliner. While I knew more or less where it was, as it was relatively under final approach for the westerly runways for Atlanta Hartsfield, I struggled to find this place until a couple of years ago.

Black Mountains Tour

No foray into Appalachia should overlook the opportunity to scale the highest peak east of the Mississippi.  Here we have Mt. Mitchell, situated in the Black Mountain range in Western North Carolina.  Known for the Spruce trees which grow in the last couple of thousand feet nearing the summits of the multiple peaks in this range, the spruce give the mountains a rather blackish color as compared to surrounding mountains.  The color, from which the range is named, can be seen in satellite maps and even by driving by from a distance. 


Blood Mountain (Appalachian Trail, GA)

"A Reward At The Top"

Sometimes in order to understand certain things, it helps to put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.  That’s why this particular write up I’m going to reference a blog written by my good buddy Michael Wright, whom I joined on this adventure.  Perhaps knowing and understanding others and their journey is a key ingredient to the big lasagna of life.
So, cuddle up for a couple of minutes and join my friend Michael.  Dive into an experience of a man finding himself on a journey, not just up a mountain, but through a life.
-Rudy Vaughn

Camp's Gulf Cave

This is the chronicle of the cave spelunking adventure that I had the delight of participating in the weekend of 11-10-07.  My friend Shane Lewis, who is notorious for getting me into all manner of spatial dilemmas, invited me to go caving with him and some guys in Spencer, TN.  I had been badly in need of some adventure in my life, having been heavily sedated with too much routine and relative comfort in my life.  Yes, my senses had become dulled by the monotony of daily life here in the land of the living.  I had longed for some time for something to open me up and refresh my outlook on life.  It’s funny how the prospect of death can have that effect, is it not?

Cave of the Medallions

The history of this cave is really what really makes it interesting, it's fairly accessible which it makes it easy to get to.

Chicopee Woods

Chicopee Woods offers some great singletrack and doubletrack riding, geographically close to Atlanta and in a rather pleasant and diverse environment.

Congaree National Park (via canoe)

Congaree National Park Canoe Voyage:

This weekend I decided to take my family to Congaree National Park, which is about 25 miles outside of Columbia, SC, where we live. Despite its relatively close proximity to our home, we have only been there one other time, and pretty much nobody we know have every been there. It’s kind of like people living in Orlando who never go to Disneyworld I suppose?

Conley Hole

Conley Hole, sometimes called Viola Pit is one of the most outstanding examples of a classic pit in TN.  It opens at about 50' from the crown of the mountain, and is a bit difficult to find.  Upon arriving at the pit, there is a rock rim, some 10-15 feet thick , and after which the walls fall away.  This makes for quite a stunning rappel as you enter an underground dome as you rappel through the ceiling.  The drop is exhilarating and there is quite a large amount of flowstone decorations on the inside.  This is one of the more exciting pits I've done.


The bottom contains a high Talus cone, and the base of the cave is 200 feet in diameter.  There are no horizontal leads at the bottom.  A number of years ago (1910?), a platform was constructed across the mouth of the pit and visitors were lowered to the bottom on ropes.  A descent into the Conley Hole was said to be a popular Sunday afternoon pastime.  The platform has long since rotted and the visitors to the Conley Hole must now use their own means.


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