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Blue Water Rock Quarry

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Dive Details

Type of Dive
Quarry Dive
Open Water
Max Depth
Avg Visibility
30 feet at best, often less.
Marine Life
bass, sunfish, catfish, bream, bluegill, Japanese coy, carp, and turtles


100 Industrial Park Drive
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Any rock quarry is not a dive spot intended for the beginning diver or the claustrophobic.   I myself dived here only having one previous diving trip under my belt, which had taken place in the warm vibrant waters of the Caribbean Sea.  Needless to say, I felt like I was able to see 2 sides to scuba, early in my diving career.
As a Midwestern child, I didn’t grow up spending time in the oceans, or even lakes.  With my sweet mother’s help, my imagination was vivid with all of the terrible possibilities of the depths, and it never really painted the deep waters as something particularly attractive.  However, diving in the warm blue Caribbean, as my first scuba adventure, I found myself able to experience a particular awe in God’s creation and majesty of the deep water with all of its complexity, color and life.

A rock quarry on the other hand, is crap.  Well, let me at least say, dunking your body in icy “cold split-pea soup” colored water and swimming around wrecked cars and dump trucks after the warm Caribbean, is crap.
However, I embrace the unique.  I embrace the chance to dig a little deeper and maybe ask myself:  “Is the class of split pea soup half full?
One thing about diving a rock quarry is that you have to be able to have your wits about you when, not if, but when you get surrounded by clouds of muck and you can’t see the hand in front of your face.   You might experience an entire dive with little to no vision if something has kicked up debris.  There is no life, no fish, just layers of mud settled onto various remains of cars, trucks, dump trucks, and I think I saw a Winnebago.  Any Space Balls fans out there?
All in all I’m glad that I went to the quarry and felt the icy grip of Davy Jone’s locker.  But it’s not going to get picked over a warm ocean full of life.  I had to dig a little deeper and find some inspiration inside of me rather than it being spoon fed to me by a school of tropical fish.  I had to know that if I was a spy on a mission impossible, and part of that mission was to scuba through a deep icy quarry, I think I might have what it takes.

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Blue Water Rock Quarry
Blue Water Rock Quarry
Blue Water Rock Quarry
Blue Water Rock Quarry
Blue Water Rock Quarry
Blue Water Rock Quarry
Blue Water Rock Quarry


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Blue Water Rock Quarry 2011-11-16 15:21:38 Rudy Vaughn
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Reviewed by Rudy Vaughn    November 16, 2011
Last updated: February 18, 2012
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Give it a shot if you need to get wet, not a bad place at all to dive if you can't be in the Caribbean.


Good Points
Close and convenient if you need to get in a weekend of diving. Lots of fun objects to play on and in underwater. One of the best quarries in the southeast.
Bad Points
Poor visibility at times, not the most spectacular kind of diving.
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