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El Avila, Venezuela

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Many different points throughout Caracas
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Avila, is a pastime for many citizens of Caracas.  It is a rather monolithic mountain, and the first thing you see are you approach the continent from the north.  Standing at 9071 feet, rising straight up out of the Caribbean sea, it is quite intimidating seeing a 9000 foot wall.

Curiously, on Saturdays, many citizens of Caracas will climb the mountain to it's summit..

This is a traditional thing, and some climb every week.  It is a challenge, wrestling your lungs for air as you approach the summit.  Curiously, you can just take the cablecar if you don't want to attempt it.  On a fateful day in 1994 we attempted it on foot and were greeted with spectacular views and biodiversity ranging from monkeys to birds and butterflies.  Avila is a protected national park.

This is a must-do as it offers incredible views of the city below.  Highly recommended.



The El Ávila National Park (or Waraira Repano, from an indigenous name for the area) covers part of the mountainous region of the coastal area of north-central Venezuela. The area's highest elevation is Pico Naiguatá, at 2,765 meters above sea level (9,071 feet). The National Park is named for the Cerro El Ávila (Mountain El Ávila), usually just referred to as "El Ávila", which reaches 2,740 meters (8,990 feet) above sea level. This mountain rises north of the capital Caracas located in a narrow valley 950 meters (3,115 feet) above sea level and separates the city from the Caribbean Sea. The mountain is accessible by cable car (teleferico), by off-road vehicle or on foot.

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El Avila, Venezuela
El Avila, Venezuela
El Avila, Venezuela
El Avila, Venezuela
El Avila, Venezuela


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El Avila, Venezuela 2012-02-01 02:17:36 Shane Lewis
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Reviewed by Shane Lewis    February 01, 2012
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Simply something you can't pass up, even if you must take the cable car.


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Amazing view of the city, memorable and spectacular, 9000 foot climb, so it's pretty intense
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Crowded on certain days of the week
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